Benefits of Being a Contractor Partner

For more than 120 years, Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 36 has devoted ourselves to building value for the area’s signatory contractors. We’ve helped these companies grow their profitability by identifying new opportunities, providing support and connecting them to the safest, most skilled and most highly trained workforce in the industry.

Why Choose Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 36?

For Local 36, the values in our heads and hearts are as important as the tools in our hands. We build strong relationships between our members and the contractors they serve and open a work environment that invites respect and rewards excellence. But most importantly, at the end of the day, we make our contractor’s business stronger than the day before.

Why Become a Contractor?


Your profitability is as important to us as the protection of our workers. We’ve torn down the perceived barriers between the two by creating a mutually beneficial working environment.

Local 36 offers signatory contractors eight important advantages that are crucial to boosting your business operations.

Quality Workmanship

Local 36 takes great pride in every job we deliver. From fabrication to installation to maintenance, we ensure our workmanship exceeds your expectations and your project continues to meet your requirements long after we leave your jobsite.

Increased Profits

Local 36 members aren’t just welders, fabricators and installers. We’re businesspeople focused on your bottom line.

Local 36 makes your day-to-day work easier by guaranteeing superior workmanship on every sheet metal project. We simplify many of the business obligations that eat up your valuable time and costs, including staffing and benefits tracking. We even help you advertise and connect with potential opportunities in a cost-effective manner. These all add up to big savings for your company.

  • Productivity Breeds Profitability – A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research discovered that the productivity of union construction workers on commercial and retail buildings was at least 31% and as much as 51% higher than non-union construction workers.
  • Fixed Employment Costs – Contractors pay one set hourly rate; we handle all compensation and benefits plans. Plus, wage rates remain consistent until the next contract negotiations so there is never a surprise when it comes to the payroll.
  • The Industry’s Best Benefits – As a signatory contractor, you and your employees will enjoy the best benefits in the industry, administered by Local 36:
    • Health, vision, dental and prescription plans
    • International and Local 36 pension programs
    • 401K plan
    • Life insurance and accidental death

Versatile Workforce

One of the biggest concerns for contractors today is a limited workforce pool. It’s harder than ever to find qualified help through want ads, and interviewing candidates and performing background checks is both time-consuming and costly.

Local 36 cures your staffing headaches by acting as your on-call human resources department. We have more than 2,300 highly-skilled members and an at-capacity apprentice program training tomorrow’s journeymen. Every worker we send to your jobsite has more than 9,000 hours of education and training under his or her belt. Local 36 members are alcohol and drug tested plus receive 30 hours of OSHA training.


All Local 36 members receive 30 hours of Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) training specifically geared toward the sheet metal industry. In addition, our workers are alcohol and drug tested upon entering the apprenticeship program and may undergo random and due cause testing at any time.

Apprenticeships and Training

Local 36 believes educating new sheet metal workers and developing those who have been in the field is the keystone of a successful contractor/member relationship. For this reason, Local 36 and our contractor partners invest more than $3 million annually in training through our Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (J.A.T.C.).

At our Sheet Metal Training Schools, apprentices undergo more than 10,000 hours of training and journeymen receive unsurpassed continuing education.

New Job Markets

More and more of the region’s largest construction firms and Fortune 500 companies are only accepting bids from signatory contractors. In fact, many of these job opportunities are limited to Local 36 members and represent some of the largest, most lucrative projects. When you hire your staff through Local 36, you can stake your claim in this rapidly growing market.

Be competetitive in today’s competitive job market by partnering with an organization focused on your business and your customers. Learn more about our contractor services by downloading the Marketing Guide or contacting Local 36 today.


The demand for green construction is skytocketing. In fact, according to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the value of building green is projected to rise to $60 billion by 2010.

To assist those contractors pursing LEED construction or green building projects, Local 36 member training focuses on the latest LEED guidelines:

  • HVAC – Teaches good duct design and insallation practices
  • Residential – allows for instruction and training in retro-fit, and add-on replacement
  • HVACR Service – teaches the proper techniques and principles for troubleshooting, service and repair of HVAC equipment and systems, and the understanding of refrigeration principles and their application to CFC’s
  • Testing, Adjusting and Balancing – trains in the process of verifying and HVAC system is designed, installed and calibrated as described in the Energy and Atmosphere section of LEED certification
  • Architectural – trains members to install architectural sheet metal such as cool roofs, or hot or cool walls

Together, Local 36 members and signatory contractors are making the world a safer and cleaner place for each and every one of our customers.

Community Involvement

Local 36 members are dedicated to making our community as strong as the projects we create. Our service is two-fold. First, we donate equipment, time and manpower to community building projects, especially the construction of new facilities for charitable organizations or for the clients they serve.

Our second focus is raising funds for worthwhile organizations. Our biggest fundraiser is our annual Local 36 Golf Tournament for St. Vincent Children’s Home. In 2010 alone we raised $20,000 for the organization, for a grand total of more than $190,000 in donations in 13 years.

How to Apply

To submit a resume online with the SMACNA St. Louis Residential/Light Commercial Specialist Application CLICK HERE.


Why Become a Member?

Excellent Health and Welfare Benefits

All Local 36 members enjoy affordable benefits as part of their dues. As a member, your healthcare premiums and deductibles remain constant until the next contract negotiations. Even more important, once a job ends, you’re covered until you start work with a new contractor. That’s security you and your family can depend on.

  • Open access PPO (HealthLink)
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Prescriptions
  • Mental health
  • Substance abuse program

Retirement Package

Because non-union sheet metal workers change employers on a regular basis, many do not have the security of a dependable retirement plan. Local 36 members, on the other hand, enjoy some of the most comprehensive retirement benefits among today’s construction workers, all overseen by Local 36 staff.

  • International Sheet Metal Workers’ pension program
  • Local 36 Sheet Metal Workers’ pension program
  • 401(k) Prudential Securities participation (vested from day one)

Excellent Training and Continuing Education

At our state-of-the-art Sheet Metal Training Schools, all Local 36 apprentices receive 10,000 hours of on-the-job and classroom training, and journeymen are offered continuing education in the latest sheet metal technologies to stay at the top of their game.

Greater Job Stability

Because many companies prefer to work with signatory contractors, Local 36 members have more employment opportunities than non-members. And when a sheet metal job does end, we help our workers find new positions and maintain your health and welfare benefits.

A Mutually Beneficial Workplace

Local 36 members deliver superior craftsmanship on every sheet metal project. Local 36 depends on contractors to provide a work environment that is safe, focuses on respect and welcomes diversity. Together Local 36, our members and our contractors are shaping the community in which we live and work by creating an atmosphere where we all benefit.
Make the right choice for you and your family! Contact Local 36 today at 314.371.2800, ext. 31 to learn how to become a member.

All calls are private and confidential.



How to Contact Us


Please Send emails to Bob Barrett

To submit a resume online with the SMACNA St. Louis Residential/Light Commercial Specialist Application CLICK HERE.